NEW - Bunny Fidget Balls - Air and Styrofoam Bead Filled Squeeze Stress Balls - Sensory, Stress, Fidget Toy Super Soft

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These adorable bunnies are soothing sensory balls.  They are filled with air and lightweight styrofoam beads.  The rabbits are slightly sticky, and the little balls move around inside and stick to the edges. These have a very soft and squishy feel, it is very easy to squish.  2.5" tall (with ears) by 2".  Great texture and auditory stimulation!

The bunny rabbit fidget stress ball is a sensory tool designed to provide stress relief and promote relaxation. This unique stress ball is crafted in the shape of an adorable bunny rabbit, adding a touch of charm to its functionality.

The outer material of the stress ball is made of a soft, squeezable material that is flexible, allowing users to easily manipulate and squeeze the stress ball to release tension and stress.

What sets this stress ball apart is its interior composition. Filled with a combination of air and styrofoam balls, it offers a dynamic and responsive feel. The air component provides a gentle resistance when squeezed, while the styrofoam balls add a subtle and satisfying texture. This combination creates an engaging sensory experience, making the stress ball not only functional for stress relief but also enjoyable to touch and manipulate.

The bunny rabbit fidget is perfect for any Easter basket gift or party favor.

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