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This Montessori language alphabet object lot is one of several I have available. This listing is for G word alphabet miniatures

These can be used at home for those who homeschool or in a classroom. This activity includes multiple miniature objects you can use for pre-readers to advanced (examples include pulling a few random objects for pre-readers and asking if they can find x, or play I-spy with the objects (I spy something that starts with the letter a, or red, or an animal))

Objects in this set are TINY.  Objects are a mix of beads, charms and miniature objects including tiny Safari LTD animals.

What is included:
- Prepackaged set includes 7 objects if you buy the letter bundle OR you can buy objects individually, or add to the bundle

Colors and styles may vary slightly from shown.

  • Ghost - 1" - 2" - foam sticker // Eraser - 1" // Roll Back Racer - 2"
  • Gift - (Tiny .5" or Large 1")
  • Giraffe  - 1.5" x 1"
  • Glasses  - (Small bead - .75" or Gold one 1")
  • Gnome -  (Small 1" or Larger bouncy ball 3")
  • Gold  - .75"
  • Gorilla  - 1" x .75"
  • Grapes  - 1.5" x 1"
  • Grasshopper (Small  - 1.25" x 1" or Large - 3")
  • Globe  - 1" or large stress ball size
  • Glue - 3"
  • Groom Duck - 2"
  • Glitter - 6"
  • Gummy Bear Squishy - 2" x 1.5" x 1.25"
  • Gumdrop Eraser - .75" x .75
  • Grip - .5"
  • Girl Baby - 1"
  • You can get a 1" gumdrop with other treats in the holiday character set.
  • You can get a goldfish in the pet eraser set.  Tiny .75"
  • You can get a genet in the rainforest animal set
  • You can get larger grapes in either of the fruit sets
  • You can get large gnu, gazelle, gorilla and giraffe in the safari animal set.
  • You can get a goby in the fish animal set.
  • You can get a ground sloth and glyptodon in the ice age animal set.
  • You can get a grasshopper in the insect set.
  • You can get a goldfish in the pets set.
  • You can get a goose and a goat in the farm set.
  • You can get a goat in the North American set.
  • You can get a gorilla and giant panda in the endangered species set.

       **** Rainforest Animal Set Includes: Tapir, Lemur, Sloth, Tree Kangaroo, Sun Bear, Macaque Monkey, Zorilla, Kinkajou, Spotted Genet, Coati, Lynx and Koala.

      ***** Safari Animal Set includes 12 miniature toy animals.  Animals replicas measure 2'' 3.5'' long and are made of plastic.  This set includes:  elephant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, cheetah, tiger, lion, ostrich, gorilla, gazelle, gnu, zebra and giraffe.

       ***** Fruit Stress Ball Set  includes Grapes - 3.75" x 2.5".  Banana - 4.5" x 1".  Strawberry - 2.75" x 2.25".  Watermelon - 3.5" x 2".  Apple - 2.5" x 2.25".

       ***** Fruit Small Eraser Set (1.5") includes: Strawberry, pear, lemon, orange, grape and apple.

      ***** Fish Animal Figurine Set includes: double-saddle butterflyfish, flame angelfish, longnose butterflyfish, blue tang surgeonfish, spotted filefish, seahorse, longfin fairy social wrasse, blue ring angelfish, firefish goby dartfish, foxface rabbitfish, pennant butterfly fish.

      ***** Ice Age Animal Figurine Set Includes 8 Species: Mastodon, Woolly Mammoth, Ground Sloth, Glyptodon, Aardvark, Dinictis, Dinohyus, and Elasmotherium.

      ***** Insect Animal Set -  includes 14 high quality/realistic miniature insects/bugs. (2"- 3" Long) Butterflies, grasshopper, centipede, spider, ant, bee, praying mantis, scorpion, ladybug, caterpillar and fly.

      ***** Pets Animal Figurine Set includes - hedgehog, iguana, mouse, parakeet, cat, dog, goldfish, rabbit, turtle, hamster, ferret and frog.

      ***** Farm Animal Set includes 12 miniature realistic animals. (2"- 3" Long).  Cow, bull, goose, chicken (hen), rooster, duck, goat, pig, ewe (sheep), ram, horse and dog.

      ***** North American Animal Set  - 12 miniature realistic animals. (2"- 3" Long)  Moose, river otter, bison, mountain lion, elk, grizzly bear, white wolf, raccoon, beaver, pronghorn buck, mountain goat and big horn ram.

      ***** Endangered Species Animals Set includes: African Elephant, Black Rhinoceros, Bengal Tiger, Mountain Gorilla, Giant Panda, Amur Leopard, African Wild Dog, Bornean Orangutan, Spider Monkey, and Snow Leopard.

      These bags contain small parts that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 3. Adult supervision is required.

      All bags ideas and graphics copyright Curious Minds Busy Bags, Please do not modify for commercial use.

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