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After children learn the basics of phonics and the letters sounds (phonemic awareness) you can move on to learning the CVC words. (Examples include: cat, zip, mop, net)

CVC words (consonant vowel consonant) are simple 3 letter words that have a short vowel in the middle of two consonants.  CVC words are integral to any pre-reading program because they are the bridge that connects knowing the letter sounds to sounding out simple words.  This is the first step of reading since they experience the transformation of simple sounds into words. 
This puzzle focuses on these beginner CVC words and offers extra practice for new readers.


    • 24 beginning CVC word puzzles (72 pieces total)
    • A complete puzzle is 8" x 4.25"
    • The puzzles are double-sided with two difficulty levels.  The front of the puzzle is a full-color picture of the word with the letters, and the back of the puzzle is just the word written out without the photo prompt.
    • Includes a sturdy storage box - 8.5" x 4.5" x 2"
    • Made of thick durable cardboard.

    Perfect activity to reinforce concepts.  This makes a great supplement to the curriculum by being a learning center activity or a fun and educational challenge for individuals or groups.

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