Mini Magic Jointed Moving Snakes - Classic Trick Toy - Plastic Segmented Snake Fidget Party Favor - Halloween

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 7.00 


Do you remember those plastic segmented snakes that moved on its own when you held on to the tail?  These are a mini version of those classic trick snakes.  Each snake is 7" long x .5" wide and has 8 segments in addition to its head.  The snakes bend and turn on its joints when you hold them making them a fun novelty toy that is perfect for a prize or treasure bins, classroom rewards, carnival prizes, or party favor bags for birthday or Halloween parties. 

These little snakes also make a fun little fidget.  Children can gently move and sway them back and forth in their hand to keep them busy and their minds alert.

They also are a fun alternative to candy for trick or treating.  

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