Halloween 240 Piece Small Toy Set - Mini Bubbles, Witches Potion Putty, and Spider Rings - Trick or Treat (20 Dozen)

Halloween 240 piece small novelty toy set.  Includes 48 mini bubble bottles, 48 Witches Brew putty jars, and 144 black spider ring toys.

48 Mini Bubble Bottles -  Each small bottle has a mini bubble-blowing wand that can be detached to blow bubbles. Mini containers are 2" x 1".  Comes in 4 spooky colors including orange, green, purple, and black.  .3-oz.  (4 Dozen).

48 Witches Potion Putty - These tiny slime containers hold a small amount of spooky putty marked as "Witch's Potion."  The jars are 1.25" x 1.25".  Comes in 3 colors.  (4 Dozen).

144 Spider Rings - These rings are sized for kid's fingers.  The opening is about .75", and the large spooky spider is 2" x 2".  These are not adjustable, but easy to snip the ring to accommodate bigger fingers. (12 Dozen).

These small novelty toys are an inexpensive way to give something other than candy for a Halloween holiday party or trick or treating.  Small toy assortment is perfect for a fall birthday or Halloween party favor goodie bags or carnival prizes.

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