Suction Cup Dinosaurs - Window Water Bath Toy - Auditory Fidget Dino

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 1.25 


These little dinosaurs have suction cups on their feet and other parts.  They are tons of fun to stick to any smooth surface including windows and each other.  They are so much fun to use as a bath toy because they stick and restick to the bathtub walls!  They also make a fun fidget toy by sticking them to a smooth surface or to each other and pulling them apart again making a popping sound!  1" - 1.75" long and come in 8 different styles.

Suction cup toys are whimsical and versatile playthings designed to adhere to smooth surfaces through the power of suction, offering endless possibilities for creative and imaginative play. These toys typically feature one or more suction cups on their base, allowing them to securely attach to surfaces such as windows, walls, mirrors, or even tables.

These suction toys are a perfect way to build hand muscles. Squeezing items with resistance gives little hands the exercising it needs to be strong enough to do fine motor tasks such as tying a shoe or writing! Writing and cutting is hard work, keep those muscles toned! These toys are not only entertaining but also promote important developmental skills such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness. Children can use suction cup toys to build structures, create patterns, or engage in pretend play scenarios, fostering creativity and problem-solving abilities in the process.

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