Small Glow in the Dark Pull and Pop Fidget Snap Expanding Flexible Accordion Tube Toy - Free Play - Open Ended Fidget Toy

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 2.75 


These plastic tubes have an accordion pattern that allows them to be pulled apart and pushed back in over and over.  When you pull the tube apart the tube gets very long!  

  • These tubes glow in the dark!
  • Tubes are 5" long and .75" when contracted.  They expand up to 19" long when fully expanded.
  • These colorful tubes are a fun, open-ended and interactive toy for children.  The tubes pop open and are flexible.  Kids can stretch, bend and build with them in a variety of ways.
  • These tubes provide auditory stimulation because they make a popping and cracking sound when they are expanded and contracted.  They can also be used as a song tube if you remove the head and tail and swing them above your head.
  • Perfect toy for occupational therapists and those working with kids with developmental delays.  Pulling the tubes apart and pushing them back together are great for fine motor skills and bilateral coordination.
  • These are perfect for home, school, or in therapy atmospheres.  Fun for kids of all ages.  Kids and adults love expanding and contracting the tubes.
  • Add some marbles and you have a fun and easy marble run for kids!
  • They are also fun in the bathtub.  Pour water in and watch it drop down the tube.
  • These can be used when learning the letters of the alphabet or numbers.  Kids can bend these to form the letters!
  • A fun measurement tool in math class!

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