Slug Caterpillar Family - 1 Caterpillar and 2 Fidget Slug on Clip - Articulated Jointed Moving Slug Toy - Unique Rainbow

This is a set of 3 cool 3D printed bug fidgets.  1 Larger caterpillar and 2 smaller slugs with clips.  These slugs are a super cool fidget!    The slug is made up of several hard plastic bowls that are connected.  This gives the slug a jointed and robotic movement.  You can twist and spin the slug in your hand.  The hard plastic makes a nice sooting sound as the colored cups rub together and move.  It is quite mesmerizing to feel.  Great sensory toy. 

1 CaterpillarThe bug is quite large measuring in at 7" long and 2" wide

2 Slugs - The bug is quite small and cute measuring in at 4.25" long and 1.5" wide.   Each slug has a clip so you can attach it to backpacks, bags, lanyards, and purses.

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