Set of 3 Girly Stress Balls - Alpaca / Flamingo / Unicorn - Squishy Blob Mesh Ball with Soft Web - Squishy Fidget Ball

These 3 girly themed stress balls are fun tactile toys that you cannot put down.  Each ball is filled with water beads.  The interior ball is filled with a bunch of water filled gel beads in a rainbow assortment which is encased in a clear shell.  It is then wrapped with a stretchy silicone alpaca mesh outer layer so when you squeeze it, the little colored beads pop through the mesh creating these addicting little balls that you can poke back in or simply release your grip and they will all pop back in leaving an alluring sound!  So addicting!  Ages 3+.  

  • Alpaca/Llama - 4" tall and ball body is 2.25" wide.  1 Random color from 4 color options (Teal, Pink, Purple, Green).
  • Unicorn - 3" tall and ball body is 2.5" wide.  1 Random color from 3 color options (Pink, Purple, and Blue).
  • Flamingo - 5" tall and ball body is 2" wide. 1 Random color from 2 shades of pink.

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