Rainbow Mesh Doh Filled Squeeze Balls - Doh - Ultra Squishy and Moldable Dough Relaxing Sensory Fidget Stress Toy

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 3.00 


This ball is a doh ball wrapped with a mesh cover.  This 2.5" fidget ball is a fun tactile toy that you cannot put down.  The ball is filled with a thick doh which is encased in a rainbow colored shell.  It is then wrapped with a fabric mesh so when you squeeze it, the doh pops through the mesh creating these addicting little balls that you can poke back in or simply release your grip and they will all slowly pop back in.

Take the mesh off for a classic doh ball feel.  It is beyond amazing and has a super soft dough feel.  You can poke and pinch it and it will retain its shape.  The ball is about 2.5".  This is very calming because it has a very silky soft feel, and you can pull and indent it multiple ways.  I like it because you can turn it and pinch it just like you did in elementary school when you made pinch pots with clay.  You need to feel it to really know how nice these are.  


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