Fidget Set of 27 - Bubble Popper, Wacky Tracks, Twist Snake, Coil, Slide, Mochi, Pop Tube - Fidget Toy - ADD Anxiety

This is a fidget bundle that includes 27 popular fidget toys.  Perfect for fidget trading and collecting.

  • 1 Tiny Bubble Pop Toy - This fidget toy is a mini geometric shape that is loaded with soft pop-able bubble buttons. You can poke and pop the bubbles multiple times making it a perfect fidget.  Each shape is made of a soft and flexible silicone that has 1-5 bubbles.  Shapes are 2" x 2", and comes in 6 colors.  Includes 1 random color/shape bubble popper.
  • 1 Snake - It is simply 24 triangles that are linked together so that it bends and folds in your hands.   Each section is meant to be able to pivot and fold in different ways so you can manipulate them in many different positions.  Basically it is a never ending folding and twisting snake toy.  You can open and fold it over and over again.   Straight line is 12" long x .5".  1 Random Color.
  • 1 Water Tube - Watch out, this is one of those trick snake tubes that are difficult to hold on to.  Give it a little squeeze and it will shoot out of your hands if you are not careful.   The rubber tube is 3.5" long and 1" wide.  Filled with water and glitter. Available in 4 colors.  Includes 1 Random Color.
  • 2 Click Snap Track - It is simply a chain that bends and twists in your hands.  Each fidget has 24 plastic sections that snap together.  Each section is meant to be able to pivot in different positions so you can mold it and manipulate them in many different positions.  Each fidget is 10.75" long when made into a straight line.  If you have it as a rectangle, the length is 4.75".  The clicking sound is very soft when playing.  2 Random Colors.
  • 3 Bead Slides This fidget consists of a thick string and 10 beads to slide back and forth.  Strings are 7" long.
  • 3 CoilsThe soft plastic spring can be twirled around your pencil or your finger.  Wrapping and unwrapping the coil is very soothing and it keeps your fingers busy and your mind focused!  You can also gently tug the coil to expand it and contract it!  Coils are 2.5" long x .25" wide - they can easily stretch to 10". 
  • 1 Pop Tube -  These plastic tubes have an accordion pattern that allows them to be pulled apart and pushed back in over and over.  When you pull the tube apart the tube gets very long!  Tubes are 5" long and .75" when contracted.  They expand up to 19" long when fully expanded.  1 random color.
  • 3 Nut and BoltsMini nut and bolt pencil topper - pop this mini spinning nut and bolt toy on top of your pencil and spin it up and down the bolt.  Style of nut and colors will vary.  (Includes 3 random colors) 1.75" long.
  • 1 Clip Bubble Popper Shapes with bubble poppers have a clip making them portable, you can clip to your backpack or lanyard.  Shapes are 3" x 3", and comes in 6 colors. 1 random shape/color. 
  • 1 Sequin BraceletBracelet is 2" wide and has a velcro closure. Soft fabric on the back side.  Bracelet is covered with 2-toned sequins, one color on the front and a different color on the back. When you move your fingers over the sequins, they will flip and give the 2-tone look. They are called mermaid because the front surface is made up of small, scale-like sequins with a different color front and back.  1 Random color.
  • 1 Circle Spinner - It is simply 4 circle rings that spin, rotate and move independently.  They are a lot of fun to manipulate and twirl and they keep restless hands busy so the mind can focus.  The largest ring is 2.75" in diameter.
  • 2 Metal Fidget RingsThese metal rings are wire rings that make a perfect fidget.  You can roll the ring up and down your fingers giving it a soothing massage.  2 random colors.
  • 1 Zipper Necklace - The necklace has one large bead that can be spun around.  20" Necklace has a .5" bead inside a .75" circle.
  • 3 Mochi Animals These adorable jiggly critters are Mochi squishy animals.  They have a unique, almost gummy feel.  The animals are soft yet almost sticky and make a nice small finger fidget. 3 random animals. Each animal is approximately 1.5" -2".
  • 1 Bug ClickerSimply press the 'button' on the bottom to make a pop and click sound.  Click over and over again! Metal noise makers are 1.75" x 1".
  • 1 Finger Fidget - This fun fidget is a finger strengthening toy.  It is made of stretchy material and has 5 holes, one for each finger.  You put each finger and thumb in a hole and stretch them apart. 3" x 1.5", and comes in 3 colors.  1 random color.
  • 1 Water Bead Ball - Fun sensory ball filled with gel water beads.  2", 1 random color.

These are tactile fidget toys that appeal to both children and adults.  They are a great tool to use in the office or classroom for those who can't sit still, or have ADD/ADHD, OCD, autism, or high stress and anxiety.

These fidget toys reduce stress, anxiety and can increase focus and attention when used while learning.  They help keep the brain focused while the fingers are fidgeting.

Fidgets are a self-regulation tool used with children who have a difficult time sitting still or focusing. Fidgets help promote focus and concentration, and keep the body (fingers) busy so they can still sit and focus!  Fidget toys are also great for strengthening hand muscles and building fine motor and finger dexterity.

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