Solitaire Peg Game - Wooden Melting Snowman Winter Christmas Stocking Stuffer Classic Game

Curious Minds

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This is a fun little winter themed classic peg solitaire game. You get one wooden base representing a melting snowman with 15 holes in it. (5 1/4" x 5 1/2") You also get 14 plastic "golf tees".  

HOW TO PLAY: The goal in Peg solitaire is leave the fewest number of pegs on the  board, ideally being left with only 1.  Jump pegs one at a time to remove them from the puzzle board.  You get to remove one once you jump one tee over another into an empty hole.  The peg that was jumped over is then removed.   At the start of the game, each hole contains one peg, except one hole which is empty.

Did you know that this game is also awesome to just play with?  Picking up the pegs and placing them in the holes is great fine motor and hand eye coordination practice!




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