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The fun classic game of jacks.  Includes 10 neon plastic 1.5" jacks and a 1" bouncy ball.  The game of jacks is a good tool for building hand-eye coordination and motor skills!

How to Play Jacks

  • Drop all the jacks onto the table.  The object of the game is to bounce the ball, pick up a jax, then catch the ball in the same hand after letting the ball bounce one time.  Begin by picking up one jack, then two jacks, then as many as you can until you can get all 10!

 It starts with one jack at a time (onesies), then two jacks (twosies), right on up till the player misses. She continues at that number on her next turn. Then the next player goes. The game continues until someone succeeds at picking up the ball and all of the jacks at once on a single bounce.

Start off with Onesies: Before doing any of the steps, you must scatter the jacks on the ground in front of yourself.

  • Toss the ball (under-handed, or "upward") with the right hand.
  • Now, grab a jack with the right hand, while allowing the ball to bounce once.
  • Catch the ball with the right hand, while still holding onto the jack.
  • Transfer the jack to the left hand, while still holding onto the ball with the right
  • ......Repeat the steps until all jacks are captured.

Continue on with Twosies: Same as Onesies, except now you must grab (and hold and transfer) 2 jacks at a time.
Threesies: Grab (hold, and transfer) 3 jacks at a time. There will be one jack left over, which gets grabbed at the last try.
Foursies: Grab (hold, and transfer) 4 jacks at a time. There will be two jacks left over, which get grabbed at the last try.

5's: See the pattern? You get the picture.
6's: Grab 6, transfer, grab 4.
7's: Grab 7, transfer, grab 3.
8's: Grab 8, transfer, grab 2.
9's: Grab 9, transfer, grab 1.

Tensies: All 10 jacks at once.

Your turn continues until you miss the ball, miss the jacks, move a jack, or drop a jack you've just picked up. Then you are out and it is the next person's turn.



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