Mini Squigz Suction Cup Toy - Water Bath Fine Motor Toy - Free Play Building Toy - OT

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$ 29.99 


These little toys have suction cups on them.  They are tons of fun to stick to any smooth surface including windows and each other.   Build a huge chain or a unique structure by sticking them together.  They are so much fun to use as a bath toy because they stick and restick to the bathtub walls!  They also make a fun fidget toy by sticking them to a smooth surface or to each other and pulling them apart again making a popping sound!  1" - 2.75" long and come in 5 different styles.

The smallest yellow squig is 1 1/16" long, 1 suction cup and a ball on the end(he likes these a lot because there were none of this style in the larger version we have. The second size squig is red and 1 3/8' long and is double ended suction cups. The third size squig is orange and is 1 3/8" long and it has 3 suction cups, shaped like a (T). The fourth squig is green and also 1 3/8" long 1 3/8" and it is a 4 suction cup one; shaped like this (+). The last is bright blue and measures 2 3/8" long and is double ended suction cups.

  • Strengthens Fine Motor Skills, Visual-Spatial Skills
  • Unique Outlet for Creativity
  • Fun for Kids and Adults
  • Fully Washable
  • Made from high-grade silicone – Durable and Safe

These suction toys are a perfect way to build hand muscles. Squeezing items with resistance gives little hands the exercising it needs to be strong enough to do fine motor tasks such as tying a shoe or writing! Writing and cutting is hard work, keep those muscles toned!

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