LAST CHANCE - LIMITED STOCK - Creating Animals and Objects with Snap Together Plastic Sticks - Follow the Pattern - Learning activity

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 20.00 


Children can build countless creations with these fun little connecting building sticks.  The sticks are meant to snap together.  Each stick has 2-7 bumps on one side and holes on the other side which allows them to easily snap (and stay) together.  The color coded sticks vary in length from 2.5-15cm so finished creations are quite large.  This set comes with 10 different patterns to build.

What is included:

  1. 5 double-sided  (10 designs total) laminated cards professionally printed on 100# cardstock and laminated with 5 mil lamination. The cards are classroom tough. Cards are 2.6"x 2.5". 
  2. 2 brown (15cm) sticks
  3. 2 Red (14cm) sticks
  4. 2 blue (12.24cm) sticks
  5. 2 yellow (10cm) sticks
  6. 3 dark green (8.66cm) sticks
  7. 3 purple (7.07cm) sticks
  8. 3 orange (5cm) sticks
  9. 3 light green (2.5cm) sticks

Why I love it:

The flexible sticks are a lot of fun to play with.  You can snap them together to make long line to practice measuring or creating your own fun designs.  The sticks are not difficult to connect so even younger learners can be successful.

Mom Critique:

Although the sticks snap together and stay together until pulled apart, the shape may not hold its shape because the sticks rotate at the joints like a clock hand.  For example, if you made a square you could pull it into a diamond shape and then push it back to a square.  This is cool but it makes picking up your creation difficult.

This set comes with 20 sticks needed for the pattern cards.  If your child really enjoys building you may want to pick up extra sticks for open ended construction play!


My unique learning toys are perfect for parents and educators who want to engage children in screen free, hands-on learning toys that promote independent play, imagination and engagement.  My activities are more than just fun, they also help develop fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, finger dexterity, eye hand coordination and problem solving skills which is ideal for early childhood educators and therapists who work in early intervention.

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