Travel Toy Bundle for Girls #1 - Magnetic or Portable Activities for Children for Car and Airplane Travel

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 20.00 


This convenient toy bundle is a complete package of travel toys for children. Toys in this set are ideal for car or airplane travel since they are engaging, magnetic and portable with little to no small parts to drop and loose!  This set with a girl theme contains 7 different activities neatly packaged in a large zippered plastic bag for containment on the go.


Activities include:

1.  Dry erase board with marker. 11.4 x 8.5 inches.  Board itself is not magnetic, but it does have magnets on the back to hang on the refrigerator. Lightweight with cardboard backing.  Eraser - This adorable dry erase eraser has plush googly eyes amongst several microfiber hairs.   3.25"

2.  Hidden Pictures Activity Book -  Challenge your little one to a pocket-sized adventure of spotting helicopters, ducks, pizzas, and more.  This imaginative book features 24 puzzles with silly illustrations and a prompt explaining each scene.  Each puzzle is complete with a key that depicts which objects you need to look for. Color the objects as you find them, then enjoy coloring the rest of the page.  4.25" x 5.75"

3. Mermaid Sticker Activity Book - Kids can embark on a magical underwater adventure with our Mermaids sticker activity book! Filled with stickers, coloring pages, and stick-on scenes.  Includes:  332 Stickers, 6 Coloring pages, and 4 Stick-on scenes.

4. Mini Play-Doh - Tiny container of Play Doh.

5. Wikki Stix. A travel size small pack of Wikki Stix with a paper activity pack. You could also use these to draw and practice letters on a cookie sheet or dry erase board (not included) No glue! No mess! Sticks with just fingertip pressure. Endlessly reusable.

6. Bendy Guy - Kids love these bendable flexible characters.  They are quite large at 6" and make a fun fidget to keep little fingers busy.

7. Multi Tip Pencil - This multi-tip pen has several colorful tips that can be traded out.  

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