Test Tube Color Sorting Activity for Children

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 15.00 


This activity is a fun way to sort colors!  Children sort the pom poms into the clear test tubes with colored lids.  The tubes are removable and are held upright in the sorting stand.  Remove the lids and drop the poms into the tubes to fill them up!

I have 2 options for this color sorting sets.  One has smaller poms, and 4 colors, and the other one has all 6 colors with larger tubes and poms.


  1. Smaller Set with 4 Colors (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue)
    • Base measures 6" x 2.75" (color of base varies)
    • Tubes measures 6" long and 1.25" wide.
      • 1/2" pom poms
    2. Larger Set with 6 Colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple)
      • Tubes measures 6" long and 1.50" wide.
      • 1" pom poms

    Why I Love It:

    I love this activity because it adds the color sorting element to my "simply a tube and poms" activity that children love.  It is so much fun for littles to drop objects into containers and dump them out again, now they can sort the poms at the same time!


    You can turn this activity into a color mixing activity as well.  Simply add on the stain free, non-toxic tablets that fizz and turn water colors.  Add the primary color tablets and mix them together to make the secondary colors.  Each individual packet contains 24 assorted color fizzy tablets.


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