Slime Sampler Bundle Try out 6 different slimes and putties

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 17.00 


This slime and putty sample lets you try out 6 different oozy, stretchable and mold-able slimes.  Each putty offers something different for your kids who like messy sensory play.  

  1. Slime Ball -  
  2. COTTON FOAM -  This slime is a thicker slime that is wiggly, but when you pull it apart it breaks rather than stretches.  So this slime is not the drippy, gooey slime like others.  The slime is scented!  The plastic container is 2.75" x 2" X 2".  Ages 3+.  
  3. Cookies & Cream- This slime is a slime that is wiggly, jiggly, and stretches.  This slime is thicker and will drip down to the table slowly if you hold it up.  The slime is white and has mini plastic cookie crumble mix-ins that make it extra cute. The plastic container is 2.5" x 2.5" and contains 50g of slime.  Ages 3+.  Video Demonstration:  See it in action here  Size:  Container Measurements: Height: 2 1/4 inches Diameter: 2 3/4 inches Container Weight including Putty: 1.2 ounces. For ages 5 and up.
  4. Noise Putty


  5. PlayfoamPlayfoam is a fun non toxic tactile modeling compound that sticks to itself and not to surfaces or fabrics.  Your kids (and you) will not be able to put it down because of its lightweight gooey consistency that doesn't feel icky on your hands.  It is fun to squish and create with and does not require a messy cleanup on your hands or surfaces.  It is perfect for travel and the best part is it never dries out!  You might want to get yourself one too!  Playfoam is not like playdoh. It doesn't stick to the floor, hands, walls, or tables. I did have it stick to  teddy bear fur, but I was able to pick it out but it would not get stuck on car seat or chair fabrics!
  6. Silly Putty - Just as we remember it.   It bounces, it picks up and copies comics, it stretches!

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