CLEARANCE - SALE - Slime Sampler Bundle #3 - Try out 6 different slimes and putties

Curious Minds Busy Bags

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This smaller slime and putty sample lets you try out 6 different oozy, and stretchable slimes.  Each putty offers something different for your kids who like messy sensory play.

  1. Paint Can - Cute mini paint can slime.  This is a very fun texture slime, it oozes and drapes well!  Container: 2.75" tall x 2" wide jar.

  2. Noise - This putty is so much fun.  When you try to stuff it in the jar it makes funny farting noises which encourages little fingers to do it again and again!  Seriously, it is addicting and therapeutic, you can't stop stuffing it back!  Using putty and slime is a great way to build fine motor muscles through play!

  3. Mars Mud - This is more of a putty than a slime.  It is thick and doesn't drip and isn't fluid like other slimes.  Can be molded into shapes, rolled into a ball, or even cut with cookie cutters.  Thick consistency, rips rather than stretches when pulled.  Shiny metallic color mix.  Container: 2.5" Tall x 1.25" wide.

  4. Scented Mini Slime - Includes 1 scented putty that comes in an assortment of different colors and scents – (1 picked at random).  Tiny container makes it a perfect putty to use discretely as a fidget at the office or school.  Putty is stretchable, soft and moldable.  Not wet or sticky.  Fun to pull apart, shape or roll.  Container: Mini Suitcase style plastic container measures 1.75" x 1.25" it is thin, 1/4" thick.

  5. Iceberg Slime - This Arctic Slime is a semi-solid (white) semi-transparent (blue) slime mixed.  Slime is wet, giggly and gooey.  Container: 2.5" Tall
  6. Eye Slime MiniA small container of slime with google eyes.  This is perfect to keep in your purse or bag to keep kids busy!  My boys love this slime (and so do I) it is stretchy and builds hand muscles which is perfect for occupational therapy.  Container is 1.75" x .75"

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