Skip Along Jump Rope - Classic Outside Active Toy - One-Legged Skip Over It - Tweens and Teens - Playground Skipping Rope

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 3.00 


I remember playing this one legged jump rope on the playground black top at recess when I was in  elementary school and middle school.  These jump ropes are made to use one leg to jump over the ball.  Put the ring loop around one foot and twirl it.  Jump over it every time it swings past.  Perfect for schools and daycares as well as home.  Fun physical education equipment.  Assorted colors.

Great active gross motor fun toy that keeps kids active.  Jump roping is a fun cardio exercise that you can compete against yourself or friends.

Skip Ball with Rainbow Ball has a 5.5" leg opening and a 2.5" ball.

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