CLEARANCE - SALE - Set of 24 Transparent Large Shape Beads/Buttons 2" - Perfect color and shape sorting manipulative

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This set of 24 large colorful plastic buttons is perfect for children.  These make perfect large math counters and are a great way to teach colors and shapes.  This bag has an equal mix of 12 shapes!

These are large shapes with a single large lacing hole.  The hexagon, flower, and circle are 2", and the square is 1.5".


  • Sort by color
  • Sort by shape
  • String similar beads with included lace
  • Use as math counters.  Ask the child to "show me what 5 looks like"
  • Children love dropping objects into containers.  These buttons work perfectly for this.  You could even cut a slit in a coffee can or similar lid!
  • Use with a light table or box since they are transparent.


  • You get 24 buttons. 2 of each of the 12 different shapes.  Button size is 2"
  • Shapes included:  Square, heart, circle, scalloped circle, triangle, star, diamond, rectangle, pentagon, octagon, starburst, and hexagon.
  • 2 laces




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