Sensory Ball Bundle #1 - Sense of Sound - Fidget Set for Students, Adults and Children

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 13.00 


This bundle contains 3 sensory balls that make noise when played with. Fidgets are a self-regulation tool used with children who have a difficult time sitting still or focusing. Fidgets help promote focus and concentration, and keep the body (fingers) busy so they can still sit and focus!  Fidget toys are also great for strengthening hand muscles and building fine motor and finger dexterity. 

This set contains:

  1. Glitter Bead Ball - This fidget ball is a fun tactile toy.  Several colored spheres and glitter move around in the flexible clear outer skin.  This ball makes a soft crunching sound as the beads rub together.  3" diameter.  Fun to squish and move around.  Ages 5+

  2. Soothing Swirling Ball - This stress ball is different from others you have tried.  The ball is filled with a shimmering glittery liquid that swirls and mesmerizes you as you watch.  This is a perfect calm down stress ball. The ball creates sloshing water sounds and it is squished.  It is soft and squishy and slightly sticky.  This is the type of ball that may need to be rinsed off since it collects hairs. The package comes with cleaning instructions.  Size - 2"

  3. Crunchy Ball - This tennis ball sized 3.5" ball is filled with soft cut straws, giving it a totally unique feel. It is irresistible to squeeze and every time you do, you get a distinct crunching sound and feel. 



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