SALE - Discounted Toddler Busy Bag Bundle - 9 Different Learning Toys

Curious Minds Busy Bags

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This listing is for a discounted bundle of 9 activities

1. Lacing animal. Practice lacing with this thick cardboard lacing animal (will vary)

2. Yarn Twist - Weave the yarn around the suction cups!

3. Dino Match - Match the dinosaur erasers to their match on the laminated page.

4. Colorful bead sort - sort the beads into the matching section on the circular container.

5. Simply fun set with cups and poms. Fill the cups, stack the cups, usse your imagination.

6. Pom Drop - Drop the poms into the funnel like container. Dump and repeat.

7. Bendy Sticks - Simply foam sticks with a bendable wire inside. Bend them and twist them to make animals, letters or other objects.

8. Bath Mat - You get one random color bath splat with marbles and an eyedropper. Balance the marbles on the suction cups and use the eyedropper to drop water into the suction cups.

9. Magnetic ring toss. Drop the colorful poms into the angled top of the container and poke them into the container with your finger. Remove the lid and use the pegged base and place the "rings" on the peg! Try tossing the poms into the container, or remove the lid and toss the poms into the round lid. Stick the paperclips onto the magnetic pole. Sort the poms and clips in the colorful rings.

These bags contain small parts that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 3. Adult supervision is required.

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