Rubber Band Ball - Fun Bouncy Ball - Hand Strengthening Fine Motor Toy - OT - Bright Neon Colors

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 2.00 


Remember the fun of making a rubber band ball as kids?  Here is a 2.5" ball made with tons of bright and colorful rubber bands.  Rubber bands are so fun, and the stretchy elastic material makes them irrisisable for kids.  Give them this ball and watch as the pull and stretch them strengthening their hand and finger muscles.  Rubber bands are exercise bands for hands!  Ball contains approx. 150 rubber bands.

You can do so many things with these.  Unwrap the ball, rewrap the ball, wrap them around cans, use for geoboards, shoot them, wrap them around fingers and thumb and try to expand your hand, make a catapult, wrap around pencils for grips, sort by color, and more.  Use it as a bouncy ball or a fun fidget at the office.  Remove and add rubber bands to keep hands busy!

Rubber band balls are a fun and efficient way to store rubber bands at the office, on your desk, or in your junk drawer.  It keeps them organized together in a cool looking ball.  Just remove a band when needed, and add to it when you are finished.

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