CLEARANCE - SALE - Rebound Ball - Ball with Elastic String - Do Tricks and Practice - Indoors or Outdoors

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This rebound ball easily attaches to your wrist with hook and loop.  The ball attaches to the wrist cuff and you basically  do stunts and try to catch the ball as it comes back at you.  Kind of like a yo-yo but with elastic and no winding.  Elastic can be cut and shortened based on player height.  Fun for kids with attention and learning difficulties. Works on eye/hand coordination. We plan to purchase more and use them for cross-lateral exercises (toss with the left, catch with the right).  This is a fun indoor or outdoor toy that requires no batteries! This is the perfect toy to get kids moving.

  • Secure the band around your wrist and toss this 2½" ball.
  • Soccer, basketball, and Baseball theme.
  • Try to catch it when it rebounds!
  • Challenge yourself to different toss patterns.
  • Recommended for age 5 years and up

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