Panda Poppers - Rubber Pop Up Toy - Pop and Drop - Turn Dome Inside Out & Watch it Fly - Fun Classic Retro Novelty Toy for Birthday Goodie Bags Prizes

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 0.75 


These little pandas are simple but a lot of fun.  They are a large rubber dome with a playful panda printed on it.  Kids push  the dome inside out and either place it on a flat surface or drop it to the floor.  The toy will pop back to its original dome shape causing it to pop up high into the air.  This is a fun classic retro toy that never gets old.  Pushing the toy inside out is great for hand strengthening, and it is also a fun game to try and catch it after it pops.  Each large dome is 1.75" wide x .75" tall!




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