Panda Party Favor Set - Thick Clear Slime with Panda Figurine / Poppers / Bendy Figurines / Bouncy Balls

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 13.00 

This is a panda lover set.  The 12 piece set includes 3 of each of the following novelty toys that are perfect party favors or prizes for anyone who loves pandas.
  • 3 Panda Putty - This putty is so cute.  It is panda bear themed.  Each putty has a 1" panda figurine (3 styles) mixed in with the putty.  The putty is clear with red heart confetti.  Plastic storage container is 2.75" x 1.25".  This is a thick putty rather than a drippy slime which makes it a lot cleaner and less messy.  Thick putty is also better for hand strength and fine motor.
  • 3 Panda Poppers These little pandas are simple but a lot of fun.  They are a large rubber dome with a playful panda printed on it.  Kids push  the dome inside out and either place it on a flat surface or drop it to the floor.  The toy will pop back to its original dome shape causing it to pop up high into the air.  This is a fun classic retro toy that never gets old.  Pushing the toy inside out is great for hand strengthening, and it is also a fun game to try and catch it after it pops.  Each large dome is 1.75" wide x .75" tall!
  • 3 Jumbo Bouncy Balls These adorable panda bears are laying inside a jumbo-sized bouncy ball!  They make a perfect party favor or classroom prize.  The bouncy super balls are quite big, measuring 1.75".
  • 3 Panda Bendy FigurinesKids love these bendable flexible panda characters.  They are quite large at 4.25"  tall by 3.75" wide, and make a fun fidget to keep little fingers busy. Fidgets are a self-regulation tool used with children who have a difficult time sitting still or focusing. Fidgets help promote focus and concentration, and keep the body (fingers) busy so they can still sit and focus! Fidget toys are also great for strengthening hand muscles and building fine motor and finger dexterity.

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