Orb Scented Ice Cream Container Slime - Ultra Soft and Buttery Slime Scented - Mix In Toppings - Putty - Goo

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 6.75 

This slime by Orb is a super-soft and stretchy slime that is very elastic, silky whipped, buttery soft and not sticky.  The slime is scented!  The cardboard ice cream container is 4" x 4", and contains 100g.  Ages 3+.  Available in mint with sprinkles, chocolate with chocolate chips, and strawberry with white chocolate morsels.
  • My boys love this slime (and so do I) because it is stretchy and builds hand muscles which is perfect for occupational therapy.
  •  This activity is perfect for parents, occupational and physical therapists, early childhood educators, day care providers and anyone who wants to build the fine motor muscles in their little ones.

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