CLEARANCE - SALE - Octopus Ink Slime Suckers - Suck up Slime While Building Hand Strength OT

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 4.00 


This slime and accompanying critter is so much fun.  Oh No!  The octopus got scared and sprayed ink everywhere!  Don't worry, it can suck it back up and shoot it back out over and over again.  Squeeze the octopus and suck up the liquid slime (or ink as we like to call it), then pop it back out to do it again.  Squeezing the critter is a great way to build those hand and finger muscles through play!   Start out with smaller balls of the slime and work your way up to sucking bigger chunks.  Octopus colors vary (either blue or red). 

This slime is wet and jiggly like jello without gelatin.  It oozes well and is fluid, but can be a little messy (if you rub it in your hands or on the table it will break into little pieces that will stick to hands and table)

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