Set of 11 Ocean Creature Bundle of Pool Dive Toys - Pool, Beach and Bath Toy Dives - Sinking and Gliding - Throw Underwater

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 14.00 

These ocean animals are made for water play. They are thick and durable, and can be used in water tables, bathtubs or swimming pools as dive toys!
Includes 11 Pool Toys:
2 Torpedo Sharks - These sharks are designed to glide through the water when you throw it like a dart underwater, then sink to the bottom of the pool.  The fish come in 4 different color styles, each with their own point value.  Fish are 5" X 1".

3 Bubbling FishThese fish are designed to slowly sink to the bottom of the pool.  If you hold them under water for a couple seconds and then let go they will bubble on their way down.  Fish are 3.25" X 3" x .75".
3 Squid Dives - Weighted sinking squid dive sticks are 7" x 1.5" with soft tentacles.
3 Shark Dives - Weighted sinking shark dive sticks are 6.5" x 1.25" x .75".
Fun game for pool play, each fish is worth different points, or try to get all before they hit the bottom.

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