Multiplication Swat Game - Learn the Times Table - Math Leaning Toy

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This game is a fun way to learn the multiplication times tables facts.  Kids love playing it because it is fun and competitive, I mean who doesn't want to be the first to swat something with the little fly swatters?  My boys request paying it often and they are learning their facts at the same time.  You can focus on one fact at a time, mix a couple or do a full competition!  We start with the 2's and go all the way up and the person with the most flies at the end is the winner.  You can make up your own games or add to a sensory bin.  You could also get different jars and sort the bugs, or  put them in order!
  • Multiplication game covers the 2-12 times tables for children aged 6+
  • Friendly flies are colour coded and 2.5".  Set of 4 -  9" swatters included.
  • Features fun extra flies including Fly Spray, Stuck in the Jam and Friendly Fly
  • Activity guide has a table on the back for parents to help.

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