Miniature Animals Preschool and Kindergarten Matching Activity with Miniature Objects - early learning toy

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This Montessori learning activity focuses simply on the skill of matching miniature animal figurines Each animal has an identical match.  Kids need to find each animals twin by looking at the colors, patterns and shapes of the animals.  This activity is small enough to take with you and can be extended into pretend play with the mini objects.  The objects are the same size and color so children just need to pair up the similar objects.

Matching Skill - Visual Discrimination:
 Children problem solve by looking at distinctive attributes and patterns that they can see on both the critters.  Recognizing these little details helps a child grow their category knowledge and learn new vocabulary!

What is Included:

  1. Exact Match Style - 15 Pairs - (30 miniature critters that are TINY, approx .5" long)
  2. The are Safari LTD Good Luck Minis

 What they are learning while having fun
- Matching objects encourages one-to-one correspondence (basic math skill) and visual discrimination.
- Observing and comparing small details to match correctly. Comparing involves identifying similarities and differences among objects
- Children can group the figures by similar traits - this is sorting and classifying!

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These bags contain small parts that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 3. Adult supervision is required.

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