MAGNETIC Alphabet and Number Travel Activity Bundle- Preschool Busy Bag - Learn the Alphabet/Sounds/Numbers - Great for Travel / Quiet time

Curious Minds

$ 42.00 


This busy bag is perfect for travel. Pair the alphabet and number activity pages with a cookie sheet and magnets for the perfect travel companion that teaches at the same time. This activity is broken up into an alphabet and number bundle. You can order one or both activity pages, with or without the magnets (if you already have some: NOTE: the alpha and number shadow puzzles were designed for this magnet, if you have different style magnets they might not fit these perfectly.)

Pages are very durable. They are professionally printed on very heavy card stock and laminated with 5 mil lamination.

1. Alphabet shadow puzzle bag focuses on the capital letters. You get one laminated page. Kids match the letter to the correct silhouette!
2. Lowercase/Uppercase Match. This is on the opposite side of the shadow puzzle. It has all the lowercase letters and kids match their uppercase magnets to the lowercase match!
3. Beginning Sounds Match - You get another laminated page with 26 colorful images representing the 26 letters of the alphabet. Kids place the magnetic letter on the correct picture.
4. Simpler beginning sounds match - This is printed on the other side. This is similar to the beginning sounds match but only has 12 pictures for the beginner so they don't get overwhelmed. You could also limit them to 3-4 letters on that page and have them find those letters only.

1. Number shadow puzzle bag focuses on number recognition. You get one laminated half page. Kids match the number to the correct silhouette!
2. Number train - You get one laminated page with a train. Each train car has 0-9 represented in dots. Kids count the dots and place the magnetic number in that car.
3. Ice cream count - You get one laminated half page. The page has 10 ice cream cones with 0-9 scoops on it. Kids count the scoops and place the magnetic number over it.
4. Cupcake count - You get one laminated half page (on reverse side of the ice cream). The page has 10 cupcakes with 0-9 sprinkles on it. Kids count the sprinkles and place the magnetic number over it.

You have the option to upgrade to a zipper binder pouch. Pouch fits into a 3-ring binder to keep all your activities pages and magnets organized and together. Make your own busy book! All documents and supplies fit inside the zippered pouch.  

I also have a mini magnetic pouch to hold things like markers, erasers and magnets in.

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