Love Meter - Hand Boiler - Glass Fidget Desk Toy - Magic

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 5.00 


This 6.5" x 2" glass sculpture is a fun and unique trick piece of art.  It is called a "love meter" or a "hand boiler".  The piece has 2 globes, one on the top and one on the bottom connected by an artful twist.  Inside there is one of 4 different color liquids inside.  The trick is if you hold one of the globes with liquid in in in the palm of your hand the liquid will defy gravity and climb up the tube into the other globe.  Hold it long enough and the liquid will "bubble" inside the globe.  The liquid will stay in that globe until you grab that globe and it will travel back down.  Comes in 4 different styles.

These are perfect desks at the office.  A fun fidget to keep you busy and to amuse others.

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