Large Light Up 2.5" Bouncy Ball - Flashing Sparkles - Bouncing Ball Party Favor Novelty Toy

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 3.00 


Bouncy balls are a timeless classic toy that every child loves.  Every kid (and adult) can pick up a bouncy rubber ball and have fun.  This simple toy is fun to bounce and catch, throw against a wall and catch, try to bounce into bins or cups, or children will make countless games of their own.

This bouncy ball features a colored liquid with sparkling streamers on the inside.  When you bounce the ball, it lights up and starts flashing.  The super bouncy balls are large at 2.5" in diameter which gives them an extra high bounce. 

These make great birthday party favors both boys and girls will love. Bouncy balls make great additions to party favor gift bags, classroom prize boxes, or little small cheap reward trinkets for children.

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