SALE - Lacing Butterflies - Fine motor lacing block play

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This strong and compact lacing set is durable enough for a classroom and large enough for even the youngest learners.  You get 6 thick plastic butterflies and a lace.  Children can simply lace the strings in the holes, "sew" two butterflies together or string them like beads.

  • Butterflies measure 3"L x 3/4"D x 2-1/2"H
  • String measures 27-1/2"L


What is included:

  1. One lace
  2. 6 chunky plastic butterflies.  One of each color.


  1. Wrap the string around the butterflies within the notches.
  2. Connect the butterflies together
  3. Use yarn to wrap them together or string through all the holes.
  4. Pair with buttons for sewing practice.

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