SALE - Jumbo Plastic Beads - 1.5" - 1.75" - Giant Colorful Beads for Young Toddlers

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Bead lacing is a great developmental activity for young children.  Benefits include fine motor strength, with the larger beads promoting a grasp used to hold pencils and in-hand manipulation to turn and rotate the bead to find the hole.  Bead stringing also works on bilateral coordination of the hands as the child lines up the string to the hole using both hands.  This is also working on eye-hand coordination!


These beads are huge so appropriate for beginner beaders!
  • Square - 1.5"
  • Circle - 1.75"
  • Cylindar - 1.5" long and 1.5" wide
  • Other - 1.75" long and 1.5" wide

What is included:

  • 8 jumbo plastic beads (2 of each shape, random colors)
  • 1 lace

Why I love it:

I love these beads because they are great for beginners.  The beads are huge so they do not pose a choking hazard which is piece of mind for parents and educators (please note these do say 3+, but I also took a photo of the beads in a choking hazard safety test tube and they do not fit at all.

The beads are plastic which makes the inside holes smooth, so no snagging on the lace.

Mom Critique:

The only thing that could be improved would be having a longer tip on the laces since the beads are so large.  A 2" tip would make it easier to poke through the long (1.5"-1.75") bead and pinch on the other side.  I wrapped tape around one end to make a longer tip, and I left the other end as it is for a challenge later on.


This activity is perfect for parents, occupational and physical therapists, early childhood educators, day care providers and anyone who wants to build the fine motor muscles in their little ones.  


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