Hairy Puffer Soft Doh Filled Stretch Ball with Shaggy Skin - Ultra Squishy and Moldable Relaxing Sensory Fidget Stress Toy

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 4.00 


This large 3.5" soothing sensory ball is so cool it is like magic.  The ball is filled with  a thick soft almost fluffy doh that looks like soft serve ice cream. You need to feel it to really know how nice these are.  

The skin has soft little hairs on it making it a soft and fuzzy shaggy ball.   This ball is big and heavy!

This stress ball is covered with a soft material.  This is a very fun stress toy that is not only calming, but it also helps build hand and finger muscles and bilateral coordination.  It is beyond amazing and has a super soft dough feel.  

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