5 Girl Themed Figurines in Slime - Sampler Bundle Try out 5 different slimes and putties

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 9.00 


This slime and putty sample lets you try out 5 different oozy, stretchable and mold-able slimes.  Each putty offers something different for your kids who like messy sensory play.  Each slime contains a cute little figurine in it!

  1. Goldfish Bowl -This fish bowl shaped container is filled with drippy, gooey blue slime that represents water.  It also includes 1 soft goldfish figurine that can "swim" in the fish bowl.  Bowl Shaped Plastic Container with Screw on Lid: 2.75" wide and 2.75" tall.  1 goldfish that is 1.5" long.
  2. Flamingo Putty  Cute jar of slime that includes a plastic flamingo figurine.  Gooey slime is a great thick consistency and the 2.25" x 1.5" x .75" flamingo adds to the fun.  Jar is 3" tall and 2" wide.  This is the perfect slime for those who like the thicker putty-like slime rather than the drippy gooey kind.
  3. Unicorn- 4 Girly colors.  Comes with a 1.5" plastic unicorn figurine for pretend play.
  4. Pooping Sloth -This sloth figurine is a hollow squirter toy that sucks up and poops out slime.  Simply squeeze the sloth and then release to suck up a pile of jiggly ooze, and then squeeze again to make the sloth "poop" it back out. This is a fun gag toy that will give lots of laughs, and the best part is it strengthens hand muscles for fine motor work!  Sloth ooze slime sucker measures approx. 2.25" x 2.5" x 1.75".  The container 1.5" x .75".
  5. Panda Putty - This putty is so cute.  It is panda bear themed.  Each putty has a 1" panda figurine (3 styles) mixed in with the putty.  The putty is clear with red heart confetti.  Plastic storage container is 2.75" x 1.25".  This is a thick putty rather than a drippy slime which makes it a lot cleaner and less messy.  Thick putty is also better for hand strength and fine motor.

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