Geometry Snap Together Sticks with Compass and Activity Guides

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 20.00 


Discover plane geometry hands on with these plastic snap together sticks.  Children can create different shapes and explore perimeter, area, angles and more.  Set includes 80 sticks in 8 different lengths (color coded), 2 connecting protractors and 24 double-sided activity cards for geometry lessons.  The protractors are pegged allowing the sticks to be connected so you can slide and study different angles.  Perfect for hands on math core standards.

What is included:

  1. 2 protractors (4")
  2. 8 Red (14cm) sticks
  3. 8 brown (15cm) sticks
  4. 8 blue (12.24cm) sticks
  5. 8 yellow (10cm) sticks
  6. 12 dark green (8.66cm) sticks
  7. 12 purple (7.07cm) sticks
  8. 12 orange (5cm) sticks
  9. 12 light green (2.5cm) sticks
  10. 24 double-sided activity cards for geometry lessons.


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