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  1. Magnetic Pattern Squares - This busy bag is perfect for travel because the foam pattern squares are magnetic!. You get 12 magnetic colorful foam pattern blocks and 10 double-sided pattern cards professionally printed on cardstock and laminated. (20 designs total) Pair with a cookie sheet for easy designing at home or on the go. (COOKIE SHEET NOT INCLUDED) Magnets are 3/4" squares.  These are pretty tricky patterns because each magnetic square is split color so the designs are complex! Please note that the squares are made from foam with a sticker on the top displaying the color so it would not be good for those with little ones that like to pick!
  2. Alphabet fuse bead - Learn letters while strengthening fine motor skills with this alphabet and number fuse bead busy bag kit. You get one 5.5"x9.75" board and some colorful fuse beads. Kids can just place the beads on the letter pegs and dump, or they can save their creations by ironing the beads and fusing them into removable 1" letters! They can spell their names or practice sight words.  Comes with board, fuse beads and iron paper.
  3. Dice Patterns - This busy bag is packed with learning activities. This learning game allows children to practice visual discrimination (seeing the differences in things that is vital to reading success), number recognition, pattern and fine motor because you need to stack those dice up high!
  4. Paint with Water Cards and water brush - Numbers - perfect for travel.
  5. Paint with Water Cards and water brush - Alphabet - perfect for travel.
  6. Bath Tablets - Safe, non-staining and fragrance-free,  tablets that fizz color into the bath water.  It has 200 tablets in red, yellow and blue, so kids can learn about color mixing by creating secondary colors!
  7. Wood color puzzle
  8. Wood clock puzzle
  9. Wood geometric shape puzzle

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