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Curious Minds Busy Bags

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Select one free activity from this listing and add it to your cart with a purchase of $50.00 or more (not including shipping).  You can also select one item from the $25.00 options instead if you prefer those options more.


  1. Alligator tweezers for children.  Perfect addition to any fine motor activity.
  2. Simply a tube and poms - A toddler favorite.
  3. Number matching cards with paperclips.  Clip the correct number of paperclips on the numbered cards.
  4. Jumbo Tweezers - Giant tweezers for extra fine motor fun.
  5. Window clings.  These are jelly shapes that are fun to stick to a window or table and move around.
  6. Links - A set of 30 colorful links to sort and make a chain with. Small to pack for on the go fun.
  7. Jumbo magnetic popsicle sticks - 6 jumbo sticks to pair with a cookie sheet for traveling.
  8. matching animals and making a chain.  Perfect sized to pack and keep in a purse for on-the-go emergencies.
  9. Count to 100 Fish Sticker Activity - Stickers numbered 1-100 needs to be found on the matching number on the fish bowl!  Size: 11" x 10 1/4"
  10. 3" sensory ball - random color.
  11. Mini Snowman Foam Slime with eyes and nose
  12. Rainbow crayon



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