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Curious Minds Busy Bags

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Select one free activity from this listing and add it to your cart with a purchase of $125.00 or more (not including shipping).  You can also select one item from the $25.00, $50.00, $75.00 or $100.00 options instead if you prefer those options more.


  1. Gator Transfer - You get a small cup, a gator clip and large poms.  Transfer the poms into the cup with the gator.  Careful, the gator has teeth and can bite!
  2. Doll Stencils - You get 4 stencils with different hair and clothing options to create your own dolls and fashions.  You also get a multi-colored pencil!
  3. Color Sorting Objects - You get 1/2 cup of random colored trinkets to sort and explore.
  4. Disc Sculptures - These are fun open-ended building toys.  Simply lock them together using the notches in these small plastic shapes.  Great for those who love to build.
  5. Feed Me - A toddlers favorite.  Feed the animal (varies) the poms.  Children love to push the poms into the animals mouth.  This snack-sized container is perfect for the diaper bag.
  6. Foam Bead Lacing - This tiny pack is perfect to take with you.  You get a lace and around 20-25 foam beads.
  7. Magnetic Cubes - Perfect paired with a cookie sheet for travel.  These cubes are .5"
  8. Foam shapes to stack and sort - rectangle only
  9. Foam shapes to stack and sort - multiple shapes
  10. Bath Tablets - 24 tablets to add to bath water to change the color.  Learn about color mixing!
  11. Paperclips and pipe cleaners - Color matching activity.

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