SALE - Discounted Toddler Busy Bag Bundle - 7 Different Learning Toys

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 10.00 $ 22.00


This listing is for a discounted bundle of 7 activities

1. Popcorn Transfer - Use the included mini tongs to place the "popcorn" into the cardboard popcorn box.

2. Bendy Sticks - Simply foam sticks with a bendable wire inside. Bend them and twist them to make animals, letters or other objects.

3. Ninja Tong - Large chopstick tongs for additional fine motor practice.

4. Bath Mat - You get one random color bath splat with marbles and an eyedropper. Balance the marbles on the suction cups and use the eyedropper to drop water into the suction cups.

5. Yarn Twist - Weave the yarn around the suction cups!

6. Straw, Cup and Beads - This is super fun. Drop the tiny beads into the straw and listen to the sound it makes as it drops through. Extend the fun by aiming for the cup!

7. Frog Hop - Try to hop the little frogs into the mini metal bucket.

These bags contain small parts that may not be appropriate for children under the age of 3. Adult supervision is required.

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