SALE - Discounted Busy Bag Activity Bundle of 6 Activities - Toddler and Preschool

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 20.00 


This compact bundle is perfect to keep around or take with you when you need a distraction.  This bundle is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and is bundled together in a vinyl zipper bag.  This is a pack of 6 toddler busy bags for those who are looking for a more economical batch to use with their upper one year olds or 2 year olds. They still have my great quality!

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  1. Color Cups and Poms - Sort the colorful poms into the matching colored cups.
  2. Jumbo Ball Lacing - This lacing set is a fun twist on traditional beads. First, the ball beads are huge, they are 2 3/4"! Second, a stiff plastic tube is used as a replacement from a traditional string. The tube makes it easier to thread because it does not droop while threading. Last, all the beads have multiple holes so you need to feel around and poke the tube to find a hole! This is great for eye/hand coordination challenges!  What is included:  - One stiff plastic tube lace.  - 6 huge 2 3/4" ball beads in six bright colors.  You could also poke pipe cleaners through the holes for an extra activity (not included)
  3. Foam Puzzle and sculpture.  This is a fun easy puzzle.  Remove the pieces and let your child fill in the pieces by looking at shapes and sizes.  Advanced users can follow the instructions to build an object out of the pieces.
  4. Bug drop - This fine motor game is fun.  Simply pinch the tiny bugs and drop them into the tiny bug jar.  Great for precision pincer grasp.
  5. Mini tong transfer - This activity consists of poms, a pair of mini tongs and 2 shallow shaped bowls.  Kids transfer the poms from one bowl to the other.  Tongs are about 4.5" long and each bowl is about 4".
  6. 10 frame patterns - The preschool busy bag is perfect for those who love to match patterns.  Dimply draw a pattern card and re-create the pattern using the double-sided discs!  A laminated cardstock board with double sided plastic discs.

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