SALE - Discounted Busy Bag Activity Bundle of 10 Activities - Toddler and Preschool

Curious Minds Busy Bags

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This compact bundle is perfect to keep around or take with you when you need a distraction.  This bundle is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and is bundled together in a vinyl zipper bag.  This is a pack of 10 toddler busy bags for those who are looking for a more economical batch to use with their upper one year olds or 2 year olds. They still have my great quality!

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  1. Large foam beading. You get a rope and large foam beads. This is a good beginner beading because everything is large and easier for little hands.
  2. Bendy Sticks - Simply foam sticks with a bendable wire inside. Bend them and twist them to make animals, letters or other objects.
  3. Straw, Cup and Beads - This is super fun. Drop the tiny beads into the straw and listen to the sound it makes as it drops through. Extend the fun by aiming for the cup!
  4. Simply a tube and poms. Tube and Poms - Yes, this is simply one plastic tube and some .5" poms. It is so simple but so much fun for toddlers. I was not going to offer this until I saw how much fun my boys have with this one, it is one of their favorites. 
  5. Mini pipe cleaner drop. Drop the sticks into the holes on the lid and repeat.
  6. Gator tweezer - Blunt alligator tweezer (colors vary) Sized for toddler hands. 4" (ages 2+)
  7. Lacing Animal - You get one animal to lace. Board is high quality and thick. Animals and colors will vary.
  8. 2 large nuts and bolts pairs. Spin the nuts onto the bolts. The bolts have different shapes and width so only the matching nut will go on. You get 2 bolts and 2 nuts, colors will vary.
  9. Ice cream transfer. - Use your fingers, the spoon or the gator tongs to transfer the poms from bowl to bowl.
  10. Seahorse - Simply poke the pipe cleaners onto the seahorse base to create sculptures.

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