Craft Box with Supplies - Creative Gift for Kids - Art Box

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$ 49.00 


 This craft box is the perfect gift for the child that has everything.  It is a self-contained box that holds a large assortment of craft supplies.  Just open the snap lid and let the kids play and create endless projects.


  1. Stackable polypropylene organizer. The 1 compartment organizer is transparent lime green, so it is easy to see the contents. This organizer also features handles for easy transportation and locking closures to keep the contents safe and secure during travel or storage. Each organizer is 14 x 14 x 3 inches and holds everything you need.
  2. Assorted color chenille stems. 12 inches x 6mm. 25 pieces per package. Easy to bend and mold to create designs, shapes, and objects, or add on as a fun accent to other craft projects!
  3. Washable markers. These markers are water based with a firm point and vented caps. Non toxic formula. 12 pieces per package.
  4. Acrylic pom poms. 1/2 inch. 100 pieces per package. 
  5. Colorful sequins, in a variety of solid color shades, is ideal for accenting clothing, and adding sparkle to costumes, jewelry, accessories and ornaments. These decorative, cup-shaped sequins are 10mm in size and are perfect for any project that requires extra shimmer. 120 sequins per package.
  6. School glue. 1.25 ounce tube. Multipurpose white glue that dries clear, non-toxic, and washable!
  7. Turkey feathers. 5 grams per package. Perfect for adding vibrant colors and texture to craft projects
  8. Glue Stick - 21 grams - Ages 6 & Over
  9. Invisible tape. .75 x 1296 inches. Invisible tape is strong and clear in a lightweight reusable dispenser. Tape is permanent and can be written on with pen, pencil, or marker
  10. Wood Craft Sticks - Colored - Mini - 2-3/4 inches - 200 pieces per package
  11. Scissors are a necessity for every household and they're needed for everyday activities including crafting. These stainless steel 5.25 inch scissors are a perfect size for cutting plain paper, construction paper, cloth and other slender materials.
  12. Sticky back, stiff felt sheets in assorted bold colors. Sheets measures 6 x 9 inches and is 1mm thick. 5 sheets
  13. Black movable paste on eyes. 5mm. 30 pieces per package. Glue these eyes onto doll, puppet, and animal creations to bring them to life with eyes that move!
  14. Tissue paper squares. 1.4 x 1.4 inches. These bold colors are perfect for paper crafting! 3000 pieces per package
  15. Construction paper pad. 12 x 9 inches. Assorted colors. 36 sheets per pad. Made in the USA by Tree House Pad & Paper.
  16. Origami Paper Set - Large - 55 sheets
  17. Pony beads measuring 6 x 9mm. 245 pieces per package.
  18. 2 Laces - Perfect for jewelry making projects.


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