Counting Activity - Number Trays with Poms - One -to - One correspondance

Curious Minds Busy Bags

$ 13.99 


One-to-One correspondence is a foundational math skill for preschoolers and young children.  It is a building block to counting because it allows children to understand number amounts by being able to match objects groups to a number.  This activity includes the numbers 0-9.  You get shallow plastic number trays that can hold small objects such as pom poms.  children need to count out the correct number of poms and place them in or on the number trays.  You can change it up and use any small object.  Durable plastic makes it a perfect addition to a sand or sensory table - extend the fun by digging and hunting for small objects to place in the trays.

 Includes 10 large (approx 3") plastic numbers and 45 poms


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