Dinosaur Dig #2 Excavation Sensory Bin Toy Bundle - Dino skeleton, fossil Game

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$ 24.00 


Any dinosaur fan will love this dinosaur theme sensory bin toy set. The kit includes an assortment of dinosaur themed goodies including; dino skeleton bones, fossils, dino eggs with babies and a brush to help with the excavation. It also comes with a dinosaur bone sand mold set, a stretchy dinosaur, and a dinosaur theme slime.  Pair this set with a bowl of rice or sand (not included) or a sandbox for a perfect dinosaur party game.

What is included:

  • Squishy Dinosaur - One dinosaur.  These large dinosaurs are a perfect squishy sensory stress ball for kids!  Each dinosaur is approximately 6"-8" long, and are made of a thick skin that has a slightly tacky feel, but it's not sticky.  Each dinosaur can be squeezed and stretched!  The dinosaur is weighted and has little balls in the head and tummy that add to the sensory experience.  The little balls make a quiet crunch like sound when they are squeezed.  The dinosaurs are available in 4 styles: yellow velociraptor, green tyrannosaurus, blue triceratops or orange stegosaurus. (1 selected at random)
  • Tar Pit Slime - Black Slime, Comes with 2 dinosaur prehistoric skeleton figurines.  Chunky jello without gelatin texture.  Container: 3.5" tall and 2.25" wide at base
  • Dinosaur Skeleton Sand Mold - A sand mold of dinosaur bones.  Make your own skeleton.  Longest piece is 5.5".  Style may vary.
  • 3 dinosaur skeleton replicas. (Size: From 4-3/4" tall up to 6 Inch long)
  • 2 dinosaur eggs with babies
  • 3 dinosaur skulls
  • 1 Paintbrush


1. Bury these figurines in sand or a bucket of rice and have your little paleontologist dig them out. Perfect for a dino dig party!
2. Press the figurines and bones into play doh to make an impression fossil.
3. Simply use them for pretend play.

4.  Use plaster of paris in the sand mold to create large fossils.

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