Fish Tessellation Patterns Learning Activity - Wooden fish blocks toy, Montessori

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This Montessori learning activity focuses on recreating the tessellation patterns using the wooden fish. Kids practice their fine motor pincer skills by picking up and manipulating the child-safe wooden fish according to the pattern cards, simply select a pattern card and use the blocks to recreate the image! The fish are double-sided, having one color on one side and a different color on the reverse side.

What is Included:
- 8 child safe wood fish blocks painted with non toxic, water based stain.
- 10 double-sided (20 designs total) laminated cards professionally printed on 100# cardstock and laminated with 5 mil lamination. The cards are classroom tough. Cards are 2.6"x 2.5".

Matching Skill - Visual Discrimination:
This activity focuses on preschool matching. This building activity requires children problem solve by looking at distinctive attributes such as block color and position. Children need to focus on the direction the blocks are facing and they may need to flip the fish over to get the correct color.

What they are learning while having fun
- Matching objects to pictures encourages one-to-one correspondence (basic math skill) and visual discrimination.
- Observing and comparing small details to match correctly. Comparing involves identifying similarities and differences among objects!
- Children gain experience with one-dimensional print, and learning to connect real objects to print.

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